Every Company in the utility construction industry will reference safety and highlight in words how important it is for the company. At Alvah, we could provide the same words. However, the real question is how does the Company’s performance match those words.

Alvah is proud of its safety performance but realizes that every day is a new day. You cannot deviate or lose focus on the enormous challenge of trying to do the work right and do it in a manner that eliminates risk to employees. It starts at the top with the attitude of management and cascades down through the organization with training, constant reinforcement and behavior modeling. Below are graphs of our OSHA Incident Rates and man hours for the past 5 years. You will see that we have had stellar performance that is reflected with our Workman’s Compensation mod currently being .60 which is the lowest possible rate attainable. This shows where we were yesterday, the real challenge is to continue to get better today and tomorrow.

OSHA Incidents Graph

Graph of man hours in 2010 - 2015 corresponding to OSHA incidents