Alvah Contractors, Inc. is an Electric Utility Distribution Contractor operating on West Coast of the United States. In 2007 Cameron Hale formed Alvah as a primary supplier to PG&E to assist them with their underground electrical distribution system in the Bay Area. From that initial start, Alvah has grown into one of PG&E’s predominate suppliers of Distribution Electrical Construction services.

Alvah is a proud signatory with the International Brotherhood of Electrical workers and is a certified Minority Business Enterprise (CPUC Certification 7DN00049).

Cameron has an extensive background in Underground distribution work having worked both gas and electric projects. He has worked in the field his whole career starting as an operator and working his way up to Project Manager for the MRM family of companies. He had managed projects for MRM in Michigan, Ohio, Hawaii and California. In 2007 he was recognized by Harold Mueller (the founder of MRM) as having that unique capability to build his own company. Mr. Mueller encouraged Cameron to branch off on his own and even helped by providing the initial funding. Cameron proved Mr. Mueller’s trust was warranted and ultimately completely repaid the initial funding.

Today Alvah Contractors, Inc. has become one of the primary MSA service provides for Pacific Gas & Electric performing a majority of their underground electrical distribution work in the Bay area and beyond. Alvah serves as both a direct supplier of work to PG&E and as a General Contractor responsible for both the electrical and civil work on projects. The company’s union work force ranges from 50-70 employees depending upon the time of the year and the project requirements.

Alvah has excelled as a contractor because Cameron understands that every day requires an attention to detail and quality workmanship. He knows that there are others out there than can do the same type of work so Alvah needs to do it better and safer to maintain the customer relationship. This mindset is constantly reinforced with employees during job meetings, safety meetings and most importantly by the daily actions and decisions of management.